Industrial and Commercial

Corby Rock Mill, Monaghan 

Client: Corby Rock Mills
Architect: CS Pringle
Contract Value: €1m
Contract Period: February 2017—June 2017

Construction of a new 700m2 steel shed over an existing shed of same use. The two bay shed was constructed first and then the existing structure underneath was demolished thereafter, allowing the mills machinery to be fitted.
Health & safety and environmental control were of high importance in order to maintain the food grade standards of the live factory.
The project also included the construction of a new plant room, weighbridge and control room to operate the entire premises.


Liffey Energy Project, Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan

Client: Liffey Meats
Architect: Jennings O’Donovan
Contract Value: €500k
Contract Period: March 2017—November 2017

Construction of one of Irelands largest wind turbines on a existing meat factory in Cavan. The wind turbine will power the factory and will sell excess energy back to the grid.
Broomfield Construction acted as main contractors and PSCS alongside the turbine assemblers Enercon & consultants Gaeltech in constructing the wind turbine. Broomfield also managed the roadworks associated with transporting the turbine from Dublin Port to Cavan which included extensive works to roundabouts and turns in Cavan.


Lyons Estate - University College Dublin

Client: University College Dublin
Architect: Barrett Mahony Consulting Engineers
Contract Value: €1.8m
Contract Period: May 2014—January 2015

Construction of a state of the art dairy farm research facility. Pre-cast and insitu concrete walls and floors. High importance of health and safety on site as it is being constructed in a full live farm environment. 

The works includes an extension to the existing cow cubicle and calving building to accommodate additional cubicle housing, a new calving area, the erection of a roofed collecting/handling yard and a new 40 unit rotary parlour dairy facility.

The extended building also accommodated new farm offices, farm staff area, reception area, student lecture/demonstration room and related facilities. The works included the demolition of single and 2 storey farm buildings and the installation of new slurry tanks, meal bins and a new wastewater treatment system. 


Oriel Oils. Carrickmacross

Client: Roe Oils
Architect: CS Pringle
Contract Value: €500k
Contract Period: June 2017 - December 2017

Construction of a commercial diesel, pertol, kerosene facility at Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.
The bulk of the construction was underground in constructed the storage tanks, concrete bunds, concrete yard, loading bays, etc. The project also included for new gates, railings, road access, drainage works to a large percolation area as well as all associated practices such as fuel interceptors, pumps, etc.


Keenan Transport, Kingswood, Co. Dublin

Client: Keenan Transport
Architect: Killiney Design
Contract Value: €750k
Contract Period: June2017—January 2018

Construction of a new steel shed next to the existing Keenan Transport Facility to house and service their fleet of lorries. 3 pits were constructed underground and all were accessed by tunnels and could comfortably and safely let the mechanics work on the lorries above.
The job also included a new truck-wash facility as well as concrete yard and hard landscaping. Services included electrical, pressurized gas and mechanical systems.

Ballinlough Refrigeration, Kingswood, Dublin 24

Client: Ballinlough Refrigeration
Architect: Killiney Design
Contract Value: €680k
Contract Period: September 2015—March 2016

Extension to an existing industrial unit that installs refrigerated units into existing trailers. New 4 bay warehouse built with a steel frame tied in with holding down bolts.
Kingspan cladding was used to envelope the rooof and the external walls of the structure. The floor was a dyed polished concrete floor for robustness. Extensive site works for the new and existing industrial compound including a 95m long x 5m wide x 3m deep soakaway pit to discharge the storm water.