The Process from Start to Finish


1. Consultation

Upon your enquiry we will arrange a time and a place to have a meeting with one of our team. This meeting will establish your ideas and give you an idea of budget, design and the possibilities available to you. It will outline the cost, payment process, contracts, timeframe, etc. Once you are happy with our proposals we will begin the next stage of preparing the drawings and and the pricing of each of the elements you have selected for your new build.





2. Preparation of Drawings

We will now return to our offices and begin designing your new project. This will be drawn up on Cad by our architectural designers and will show you the plans, elevations, sections and any specific and vital views of the new prospective project. Our quantity surveyors will then measure and calculate the price of each element and the total project price.

This package will then be presented to you so that you are happy with all the materials and costings of the build. Any changes can be made at this stage to bring the project into budget. Once all is agreed a contract will be drawn up between you the client and us the builder and we will move to the next stage to get your building through planning.


3. Planning Process

Broomfield Construction will look after this for you. We will prepare the drawings and the documents on your behalf and will submit them to your local authority. We will advise beforehand on any issues with your design and we will not submit a design or application that we know will fail. If for any reason the application is refused we will then re-submit it to the planning authorities reccommendations.

The planning process will take an unkown amount of time to complete. When the approved forms come in we will then submit all documentation to building control and will begin your project three weeks after this date or later if you preferred. At this stage we will have further drawings, schedules, programmes prepared to ensure the efficiency of the construction stage.



4. Construction Phase

The consruction phase is the most important phase of the entire project. It is the phase were you see your site moving from a patch of grass or delapidated structure into your dream building. Since we have prepared all the drawings and pricing documents ourselves we can start and complete this very quickly and efficiently. We will appoint a site manager to supervise the works from start to finish. This manager will liase with you the client. All details and info will have been discussed already so that you will not be stressed during this stage. You can rest easy and know that what you have planned for and paid for will be built with no hidden costs or shortcuts taken.

Broomfield Construction has a high reputation and employs highly skilled tradesmen in all fields of construction. There will sometimes be the case were you may want to add, remove or alter items of the build. This is possible through variations and we will submit a cost price difference for you to approve or compare, but if all is planned and thought of at the beginning then this not need occur and essentially you can step in to a finished building that has been completed to a very high standard


5. Completions and Handover

Your building project will now have been completed. All payments would have been sent and the keys are yours. The building is now yours to do with what you please.

We will setup a warranty period with you after and will ensure that the building continues to run smoothly throughout the next few years of its life. We will submit all documentation and forms to the relevant local authorities and submit to you a handover file that outlines the operation and maintenance procedures of the building, spare parts you may need, data sheets and specifications for the materials used and full working drawings of all the services for future reference, additions and repairs.